As part of our approach to creating facilities that are productive and easy to maintain, V CORE develops custom SCADA and HMI products to meet the needs of its clients.  In one of our recently completed projects we utilized Wonderware system platform and Wonderware InTouch HMI as our SCADA, historian, and HMI solution.

In conjunction with Enterprise Automation, V CORE engineers designed the system that would communicate and record data from the facility PLC, manufactured by Allen Bradley, along with all other on site packaged equipment.  One of the advantages of using Wonderware system platform is that it has the ability to “speak” a variety of communication languages, and can translate them all into a common system.  Our project utilized equipment communications protocols such as Allen Bradley EthernetIP, Modbus TCP, & Modbus RTU.  Wonderware system platform has the ability to pull all of these different “languages” together and allow them to communicate back and forth.  This allows all data to be controlled, recorded, and displayed from a single user interface.

The facility controls system automated the entire process from start to finish, and removed operator created variance from the process.  Day or night, the facility can operate without continuous intervention; improving operation and maintenance costs, increasing revenue, and reducing downtime.

Wonderware InTouch HMI allows developers to customize the look and feel of the system to meet individual needs.  V CORE and Enterprise Automation developed a custom set of over 75 screens to display equipment, piping, instruments, valves, set points, PID loops, tuning parameters, trends, alarms, and all other data related to operating and maintaining the facility.  In addition, all of this information was available remotely through a secure offsite connection making it possible for our engineers in California to help troubleshoot and diagnose problems at the facility in Texas.

V CORE‘s expertise in process and controls philosophy allows us to understand, and then individualize, a controls system to meet the exact needs of our clients.  Our partnerships allow us to have access to industry resources that otherwise would be unavailable.