Micro-LNG Systems

MicroLNG Systems for well-head, bio, and natural gas applications

V CORE MicroLNG packages are designed to fill the void of typical LNG systems, which are traditionally designed for outputs above 100,000 gallons per day. There are a number of different markets that have recently emerged that can benefit from small scale LNG production systems.  One of the largest emerging markets for these systems is from stranded well-head gas that exists as part of a traditional oil drilling operation.  These oil wells are limited in production by the amount of well-head gas that can be flared due to EPA regulations.  One of the goals of V CORE MicroLNG systems is to eliminate the need to flare well-head gas (which incurs costly penalties or forces limited production) and to instead liquify it for shipping and offsite processing.  This once neglected commodity can become an additional profitable resource.

V CORE hopes that by investing in a market solution, more individuals will be able to utilize the benefits of LNG. V CORE MicroLNG systems target customers looking for LNG outputs of around 5000 to 10,000 gallons per day.

LNG Markets are emerging worldwide, and are created from natural gas and oil exploration, small vehicle fleet needs, remote gas and biogas locations, and a lack of natural gas infrastructure, among others. The map below shows the current value of LNG in various locations around the world in $ per million BTU’s.

LNG World Prices 2

Product Information

Processing Capacity: Biogas 0.75 MMSCFD (55% CH4) Natural Gas 0.4 MMSCFD
Product Output: 5,000 Gal/Day

The biogas pre-module consists of a multi-vessel PSA system with a recovery efficiency of over 90% and the associated biogas compressor and vacuum pumps.

The purification core utilizes a PSA for further CO2 removal and a TSA for dehydration. The CO2 free and dry gas is liquefied in a mixed refrigerant process.

LNG Storage: 39,000 Gal LNG Storage Tank
Power Generation: 200kW Self Generation Module

Committed to the Market

V CORE is committed to meeting these new market challenges and has assembled a team of experienced partners capable of introducing a sustainable product into this new market.

V CORE has established a partnership with one of the most experienced technology providers in the gas processing industry in Asia, with over 20 facilities in operation since 2005 that generate LNG from pipeline natural gas, well head gas and coke oven gas.  These facilities range from 14,000 gal/day to 92,000 gal/day processing capacity.

The high energy demand, limited infrastructure and favorable cost of LNG his driven the development of LNG technology in Asia in recent decades. V CORE has been able to leverage these factors to introduce a product into the North American market.

  • Packaged in USA
  • Cold Box Sourced in Asia
  • Domestically Sourced Components
  • PSA Purification Technology
  • Mixed Refrigerant LNG process
  • Power Self Generation module (Remote Locations Option)

Payback Potential

The great potential of this technology is illustrated in the amortization chart below.  The chart is based on the sales price for LNG in $ per million BTU’s of energy.

LNG Payback

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