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V  CORE engineers believe in the classic German engineering tradition of “detail and efficiency”.  This belief is why we specialize in EPC contracting for energy and renewable energy-related products.  From the construction of test plants to the complete commercial installation of a full facility, our innovative project management team specializes in handling every part of the process; from prototype design to full project solutions.

  • Process Engineering
  • Mechanical, Structural, Civil, Electrical, and Permitting
  • Consulting & Technology Selection
  • Economics & Feasability
  • Equipment Specification & Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Management of Subcontractors
  • Assembly & Construction
  • 3D Modeling & Design
  • Quality Control
  • Start-up & Commisioning
  • Initial Operation & Maintenance

Co-gen FaciltiesEnergy Independence...

T he term co-gen, short for co-generation, is derived from the idea of generating both electricity and useful heat by using a heat engine.  Self-generation is simply installing the necessary equipment to produce one’s own power, without relying solely on the local utility provider.
V CORE has been intimately involved in utilizing co-gen and self-generation to help businesses and facilities become energy independent since its early years.  This process begins with helping our customers understand the costs of energy that exist in the industrial marketplace.
In recent years, natural gas exploration has led to numerous discoveries of available natural gas deposits that have given the U.S. a centuries worth of reserves.  These findings have lowered the cost of clean burning natural gas, and have provided future pricing stability for those looking to utilize this resource in the future.  At the same time, utility power rates have risen 2-4% annually on average over the past decades, with some individual years seeing even more of an increase in cost.
V CORE can help reduce reliance on local utilities and help customers produce their own power, and heat if necessary, reducing their utility costs by 25-50%.

California Power Costs

PG&E – 2014 (A-1 TOU)

Summer - On Peak (23.7¢ kWh)
Summer - Part-Peak (23¢ kWh)
Summer Off-Peak (20.4¢ kWh)
Winter Part-Peak (16¢ kWh)
Winter Off-Peak (14.3¢ kWh)

V CORE Co-gen Costs

1-2 MW Capacity

V CORE Facility Power Fixed Cost (9¢ kWh)
Investment Loan Cost (2¢ kWh)

Download PG&E Rate Sheets

Available from PG&E website

2014 Rate Sheet

Commercial (Mar 1, 2014 – Present)

2010 Rate Sheet

Commercial (Jun 1, 2010 – Dec 31, 2010)

2006 Rate Sheet

Commercial (Sep 1, 2006 – Dec 31, 2006)

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I n addition to providing turn key solutions for customers, V CORE can provide engineering services to groups that may already have construction and project management capabilities. V CORE can supply detail design and support for mechanical, electrical, process, and controls design.

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